List of 100 Group Discussion Topics with Answers 2024


Here comes the list of 100+ Group Discussion Topics with Answers which are further divided into categories. Remember, a topic can be included in multiple categories so further bifurcation is for convenience.

top 1000 group discussion topics

  1. Roses are Red, Crows are Black
  2. Are work from home jobs Legit?
  3. Black or Grey
  4. Zero
  5. Hope Wins and not Cynicism
  6. Night Owl Vs Early Bird
  7. Roots and Wings
  8. A stitch in time saves nine
  9. Stay Hungry Stay Foolish
  10. Blood is thicker than Water
  11. Famous or Important
  12. Beti Bachao Beti Padhao
  13. Statue of Unity
  14. Impact of Fake News on Society
  15. Present Education System in India
  16. Status of Women in India
  18. Women’s IPL is a Welcome Move
  19. One Nation One Election
  20. India two-front war with China & Pakistan
  21. Capital Punishment should be Banned
  22. The Menace of Eve-Teasing
  23. Unemployment in India
  24. Poverty in India
  25. Women Empowerment in India
  26. Joint Family vs Nuclear Family
  27. Is Marriage losing its Importance
  28. Detention Policy Pros and Cons
  29. Retirement Homes Pros and Cons
  30. Is India safe for Women?
  31. Should Physical Education be made compulsory in India
  32. Gender Equality in the Workplace
  33. Live-in Relationship in India
  34. The Menace of Trolling
  35. Is India safe for Women?
  36. Mob Lynching in India
  37. Corporate Slavery
  38. Stress Vs. Consumer Spending
  39. Fixed Pay Vs Variable Pay
  40. Social Networking in our Lives
  41. Social Media Boon or Bane
  42. Importance of Networking
  43. Ethics Vs Business
  44. Is MBA Internship compulsory
  45. Career-Placement Dilemma
  46. Employee Motivation
  47. Indian Media
  48. Yahoo-Tumblr failed acquisition
  49. Job Vs Entrepreneurship
  50. MBA in India – The Rat Race
  51. Hard Work vs Smart Work
  52. Do Brands live our Lives?
  53. Loose Lips Sink Ships
  54. Banking Scams in India
  55. Impact of Movies on Youth
  56. Love Marriage Vs Arrange Marriage
  57. Money is Honey
  58. Generation Gap
  59. The teenage attraction is not Love
  60. Six Sigma
  61. Facebook Vs LinkedIn
  62. Future of OTT platforms
  63. Air India Crises
  64. The consumer is the King
  65. The fall of Kodak
  66. The fall of Facebook
  67. Plastic Pollution
  68. Epidemic Vs. Pandemic
  69. Is India ready for Electric Vehicles
  70. Article 370
  71. Democracy Vs Monarchy
  72. Does India need a New Parliament Building?
  73. Dictatorship Vs Democracy
  74. Is FDI good for the Indian Economy?
  75. Is India ready for Cashless Economy?
  76. Demonetization: Success & Failures
  77. Plastic Money – Merits & Demerits
  78. Net Neutrality
  79. Walmart Flipkart Deal
  80. India-Pakistan Relations
  81. Brexit – Impact on India
  82. Is Sarahah promoting Cyberbullying?
  83. Blockchain Technology – Pros and Cons
  84. Work from Home
  85. Challenges in the IT Industry
  86. Bullet Train in India – Pros and Cons
  87. Artificial Intelligence – Pros and Cons
  88. Video Streaming Platforms: OTT, Game Streaming, VOD
  89. Free WiFi Hotspots: Beneficial or not?
  90. Space Research Projects are a Waste of Money
  91. Impact of Technology on Jobs
  92. Chatgpt – Pros and Cons

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It is imperative to understand that reading the Group Discussion Topics with Answers is only one aspect of overall preparation. The other aspect is to practice all the topics with your friends, parents, colleagues, etc. so that you overcome the fear of public speaking.


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