How to overcome Career-Placement Dilemma: Indepth Analysis

Placement Vs Pursuing a Career

By and large, many of the university students in India, Post-Graduate, in particular, are in dilemma concerning the choice between placement and pursuit of career goals. Being stranded in such anxiety, according to some official reports, in India every hour one student commits suicide.


Giving birth to such grave complexities, the dilemma hailing from the choice between placement and career goals is a much-debated topic in today’s’ date and direly needs to be addressed by academic institutions through awareness, parents, and the students themselves.


In India, generally, institutions hold a market position in the mind of students for two aspects:

(1) A legacy for the good academic performance of its students through providing a good curriculum


(2) Placement opportunities with reputed companies. Universities focusing on academic performance of the students mostly place international students through different scholarship schemes (e.g. ICCR, and many more). On the other hand, Universities that are known for providing good placements largely enrol local students, since many of them prefer on-campus placement.



Most of the students change their main field of study usually for On-Campus placement, for example, a student who has obtained a bachelor’s degree in science will opt to pursue his higher studies in MBA which is completely a different course and strenuous to pursue.


Now the questions that strike one’s mind are; why a large number of students accept the risk of changing their fields of interest just to get an on-campus placement? Why do they consider pursuing a career in their field of interest a premonition to find a job with a rich salary? And why are they anxious about their future if in case they continue with the course of their choice? These are some of the earnest concerns required to be figured out and therefore, what needs to be done to avoid the ramifications that will thus be caused by this issue which most probably results in rampant consequences (e.g. suicide).


While there are concerns about the choice between career and placement, institutions by exploiting this confusion of students, in the whole, try to make the best education facilities available for the students and offer guidance concerning the Dos and Don’ts in finding jobs in the reputed companies that offer handsome salary, and prepare the students to fulfill the required selection criterion.


However, several students still complain about the on-campus placement in terms of the validity of the companies that these students get placed in, since, many of the final year MBA students who are already placed in some companies but, neither the respective college provides them the No-Objection Certificate (NOC) to allow them to join the company and exempt from attending the regular classes, nor that particular company takes care of the candidates in case they face any difficulty in the formalities, which is why many candidates get stranded in depression and end up either being mentally depressed or put an end to his life, nevertheless, institutions claim they have collaborations with reputed companies and the provision of job opportunities will nurture the career of students, in contrary, students remain in an unsolvable dilemma.

Career Issues

One of the most depressing issues that thwart a student’s willingness to further contemplate the career goals is the lack of proper career guidance. Being new to the advanced academic climate many students direly need a piece of expert advice to direct and help them clear up their doubts related to choosing a career. With the change In the level of education, every student faces a daunting challenge of deciding his/her career.



How to overcome this issue?

Before getting panic or confused, according to psychologists, the first person to consult with is oneself. One has to first talk to himself/herself, this can be done through meditations or being isolated from people for some time and give more time to self-thinking about the ways to overcome the fear or anxiety. Once the exact field of interest is found out stick to that very idea or one can jot it down, then go for some brainstorming try to explore more ideas centered around the exact idea having been already discovered.


But a fruitful way to do brainstorming is to find a person with excellent skills in that field. Or else if one fails to find an expert, the alternative is to search social media or websites that provide useful insights.


The next step after doing all the above-mentioned practices one has to finalize the decision, select the field, and start learning in that particular field, collect the utmost information and nurture the existing knowledge with in-depth science and efforts should be made to better enhance the know-how.


It is worth mentioning that before finalizing the course and start learning, the important step to be taken is to do thorough research about that course. Therefore, the best way is to do all these things is to always think about own abilities and explore the hidden abilities one has and then put those virtual strengths into practice.

Placement Issues

Getting on-Campus placement is way easy, nevertheless, a lot of students complain about their job in the company, as they, later on, get terminated, perhaps because of the downsizing taking place in the company or the candidate fails to fulfill the responsibilities assigned to him/her.


Another problem that hitches the intention of students to decide about the On-Campus placement is the salary because many a time those who make a fresh entry into corporate environment complain that, the salary paid to them is way lesser than the one mentioned in the offer letter, but in contrary, the company’ HR counter argues saying they have to deduct the tax and other additional charges form the salary.


Besides, as India is home to a hefty number of the poor population bearing a huge volume of unemployment issue, many students, therefore have to take educational loans to earn the higher degrees on, hence finding On-Campus placement plots at the top in their priority list, their imploring tone of language about finding a job is very much heartwarming because they must find a job to pay the education loans, hence, these students become obsessed with how to find a job and therefore, it leads to their mental disturbance.


How to Overcome this Issue?

There is no problem sans a sufficed solution if one problem arises several doors of solution open. So, the foremost thing a student needs to do is to fully get rid of all the taunting and anxious thoughts to avoid believing the misconceptions about finding a job. simply focusing on what the prevailing time demands and working to enhance the interpersonal skills is yet a promising solution to chase the mental issues off.

As a student, everyone considers him/herself the most vulnerable person while neglecting the millions of other people who have billions of various problems. Students need to be mentally strong, attending emotional intelligence workshops is one of the productive ways to eradicate many issues and be well-prepared to face and effectively manage any challenge that comes in the way.

Study Issues

This issue is threatening for students worldwide because some students are considered to sharp-minded while others are inept when it comes to studying and memorizing lessons. In Asia, it is commonly accepted behavior that most parents force their children to study what they want them, not what the children are enthusiastic and good at.


Therefore, many students, to please their parents, obey the decision of their parents while keeping this issue in mind that causes them psychological problems, and intercept those students from furthering their field of interest, which ultimately leads to rampant life-threatening issues


How to overcome this Issue?

The best way out for figuring out the aforementioned issues is that the parents are required not to force their children to study the field of their parents’ choice but rather motivate them both mentally and financially to further develop a career in that particular field. Besides, students should make efforts to spend their time and potential in learning the practical aspect of the theoretical concepts so that they easily memorize and apply those concepts in real life.


Many students, due to stage-fear and nervousness, shy away from asking to clear their doubts, as a result, they end up being socially-isolated and restrain from learning, therefore, these students need to first get rid of this globally- accepted problem (Stage-fear) then ask people who they think are more likely to clear up the doubts they have.

Key Recommendations

  • The government and other concerned authorities are required to address the issues of the students by providing job security and assurance of getting a job in every sector to help the students clear up of the doubt cropping up from the decision of changing their field of study. The quota system should be reconsidered in such a way that can serve as a source of helping the students find jobs in their respective field, this way many students can be encouraged to specialize and further pursue an academic career in the fields of their interest.


  • Practical Implementation of conceptual knowledge is vital, many universities and colleges provide theoretical education which is presumably just a waste of time and money, and acts as a hindrance in the path of a student towards the set-out goals. Therefore, educational institutions are required to take this matter into account and focus more on facilitating rather practical application of knowledge than theoretical.


  • The students, if enthusiastically focus on pursuing a career in the course of their choice, could demolish the anguish they suffer and ultimately will find a job with a handsome salary. Moreover, if the government outline standard admission criteria for those willing to enrol in a different course, it will probably make the students refrain from going for a different course.

Author: Hamayun Khan

Freelance Writer at Business Times – LinkedIn profile

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