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I was not that excited about exploring PhD domain before I had a realtime conversation with the one who is already pursuing from IIM Kozhikode. There are tons of opportunities available once you pursue a PhD after MBA. Let’s explore more about Why PhD after MBA, Eligibility Criteria and Career Scope.

The following information is pertaining to the PhD after an MBA from India – specifically to IIMs. We will add more information about PhD after MBA from Abroad as well.


Why do a PhD after MBA?

After successful completion, the PhD program can open tons of opportunities in domains like academics, corporate, research, consulting, etc.

The jobs roles available are Management Consultant, Business Professor, Policy Analyst, etc.

Eligibility Criteria for a PhD after MBA

Entry Qualification Minimum Duration
Master’s 0r
Postgraduate Diploma
2 years
Professional qualification –
CA/ ICWA/CS with B.Com/Degree
3 years
B.Tech./ 4 year Degree with 6.5 CGPA or
4 years


The scores of CAT 2018, CAT 2019 and CAT 2020 are considered valid for application to the PhD. Program in 2021.

Standard Test Score not required if an applicant is:

  • PGP Alumni of any IIM
  • PGPX/PGP-PMP Alumni of any IIM where such courses are offered

(Part-time/Distance Learning programs of IIM are not taken into consideration)

How to do a PhD after MBA?

  1. The candidate must fit into Eligibility criteria as discussed
  2. The candidate is required to take the CAT exam. The NRIs and foreign students can apply through GMAT.
  3. The following table will help you understand the exams accepted instead of CAT
Area of high levels of specialization Test accepted instead of CAT
Agriculture GRE/GMAT/
UGC-JRF (Economics/ Development
Studies/Development Economics/ Business
Economics/ Management)
ICAR-SRF (PGS – merit list for the award of SRF)
Finance & Accounting/ Marketing/ Strategy GRE/GMAT
Economics GRE/GMAT/GATE/UGC-JRF in relevant
Human Resource
Management/ Information Technology
Innovation and
Management in Education
Organizational Behaviour GRE/GMAT/UGC-JRF in relevant discipline
Production and Quantitative
Mathematical Sciences
Public Systems Group GRE/GMAT/GATE/UGC-JRF (in relevant

Stipend for PhD after MBA

  • The stipend for IIMs varies in the range of Rs. 30,000
  • The is an additional amount entitled that covers expenses of attending international conference or workshops, etc.

*We will be adding more information to this article, please post your questions in the comment section.

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