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The Internet war that began earlier this year, called ‘T Series Vs Pewdiepie’, gained a lot of popularity amongst its followers. Since both are channels on YouTube, the fight was for completing 100 million subscribers.


Both the channels have a different type of content, different kind of audience, different genres, but still, this internet war brought them together, on one platform. The war was won by T Series, completing 100 million on 29th May this year, Pewdiepie still backs it, with almost 99 million subscribers.

Update 29th Aug 2019 – Pewdiepie has crossed the mark of 100 million subscribers


‘Is it T Series or Pewdiepie? Who ought to win? Anything is fine because fights are old wars, and we lose none.’- Samitaarsi Ramesh


‘Subscribe to T Series to make India win the battle’- Dev Mishra


‘Ek hote hai deshbhakt. Phir hote hai, T Series ko subscribe karne wale.’ – Yamini Sahu

STATISTICS – What Numbers have to Say?

  • The battle was won by T Series on 29th May 2019.


  • Pewdiepie released a video in which he used the line, which said, ‘You India you lose’, which was meant to be in sarcasm, but it was taken seriously by many Indian users, and hence people often called the competition as, ‘India Vs Pewdiepie’.


  • Pewdiepie had the title of the most subscribed channel on youtube since 2013, and T Series was the most viewed channel since 2017, after which T Series overtook Pewdiepie many times in the span of two years from 2017 to 2019.

DESCRIPTION – Let’s take a Deep Dive

Pewdiepie is a youtube channel owned by Swedish creator Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg. The video content mostly consists of comedic formatted shows. Though Pewdiepie videos are regarded as honest and real by its viewers, most people find it abrasive and indecent while revealing the present situation, to whose defence, he says, the comedy is taken in a wrong way in his videos and he just tries to make it more entertaining.


Felix, the owner of the channel, is a college dropout from Chalmers university of technology in Gothenburg and started his youtube channel back in 2010. After being unable to develop an interest in studies, he decided to dedicate his time to make videos for his channel. In 2012, Pewdiepie, his official YouTube channel, became the most subscribed channel on YouTube.


He has since been in the starlight, and from 2014 to 2019, his channel was amongst the most viewed channels on youtube. In 2019, the internet war started between Pewdiepie and T series, for completing 100 million subscribers, which was later won by T series. Today in August 2019 Pewdiepie has more than 99 million subscribers and is the second most subscribed channel on YouTube.


Starting from making videos on gaming on also doing commentary on them, Pewdiepei slowly shifted it’s content to making weekly vlogs, called ‘Fridays with Pewdiepie’. The video games commentaries were highly appreciated by the viewers, which included games like Minecraft, ‘Call of Duty’, etc.


Today the content of the videos is widely categorised in gaming, comedy, animated videos, collabs and vlogs. Felix used to call it’s subscribers as the ‘bro army’ initially, which then shifted to ‘Squad fam’ and later to, ‘9 years old’ to refer to the 9 years of the channel and its subscribers on YouTube.


The channel has worked with companies like ‘Maker studios’ and ‘Machinima’, etc, some of which ended as a result of some internal issues. Pewdiepie has got recognition through across the world today and newspapers like, ‘The Newyork Times’ has covered him on the front page.


T Series, on the other hand, is an Indian music company, and the largest music company in India, owning 35% of the music markets. It was started in 1983 by Gulshan Kumar, and gained popularity after the release of the movie, ‘Qayamat se Qayamat tak’, a soundtrack of which was composed by Anand Milind. After a few years in 1990, the movie ‘Aashiqui’ broke all records in selling the music cassettes, and T Series became one of the biggest music company in India.


Today, T Series has more than 25 YouTube channels and has a network in the online world. The total subscriber count of T Series is about 184 million. T series’s official channel uploads videos of Bollywood songs, and movie trailers that are made under the T series productions.


Both the channels have different genres and style of making videos. One is a full-fledged music company having ready-made material from its old creations, and other is just another channel run by an individual, a regular YouTuber.


The content that Pewdiepie serves has to be new and refreshing every time, yet stick to its originality and roots. One channel has a huge fan base already served for it, and the other has to work harder to get that one more subscriber. No doubt today Pewdiepie has a huge fan base and recognition too, but the hard work of the creator only has brought him to this.


There can be no comparison and there is no comparison between the work that both the channels do. But yeah the numbers say it all, at the end of the day.

Author: Shraddha Khaparde

Scrutiny: Riddhi Pansare

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