How to answer ‘Why MBA’?


Hello Everyone, I hope you all are doing well. Personal Interview and Group Discussion(or Written Ability Test) is a part of the admission process of many MBA/PGDM colleges. WHY MBA? – This question is very common and WHY MBA AFTER ENGINEERING? is more difficult to answer for many MBA aspirants out there.

why engineering after mba

GOLDEN TIP – If you have your own STORY then answering ‘WHY MBA’ is like a ‘CAKEWALK’. (Do comment your reason below the article)


You can tackle this question in the following manner

  • Develop Management Skills – “I want to develop management skills that will help me to become a better Corporate Leader”


  • Entrepreneur – “In the near future, I want to start my own business that makes it mandatory to acquire Management Skills in order to govern my venture efficiently”


  • Network – “I want to build a strong network of Managers and MBA institute will provide me with Future managers from different backgrounds”


  • Better Salary – “I am looking forward to getting uplifted in organization hierarchy and earn a better salary”


  • Personality Development – “I want to pursue MBA from your institute because of the discipline, values and opportunities it provides. It will help me to transform my personality”


  • Change – “I want to change my career path, already worked with the technical department and now want to try my hands in Management field”


  • Subject Specialization – “In a rapidly developing country like India where different sectors are added frequently, I want to choose XYZ specialization to develop my knowledge and skills to become Specialized Management Professional”


  • Prestige – “I am the only engineer from my family, so pursuing MBA will add value in terms of prestige so that I can set an example for future youngsters from my family”

How to select MBA Specialization?

With n number of specializations available like Marketing, Finance, Human Resources, Operations, IT Systems etc., it becomes difficult to select the best as per your area of interest. The following article will help you resolve this dilemma.

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I hope you like this blog. Why don’t you comment below on your reason for doing an MBA? Let’s see who has got that Ultimate thirst to crack Top B-Schools.

Types of jobs after MBA

The dilemma of choosing an MBA specialization is further extended to what kind of job roles are available after pursuing an MBA? Should you enter sales, research, start your own venture etc., too many options to deal with and every job role comes with a unique requirement.

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