MBA in Digital Marketing vs MBA in Marketing: Important Insights

MBA in Digital Marketing vs MBA in Marketing – Which one’s for you?

MBA in Digital Marketing vs MBA in Marketing – This is one of the hottest debatable topics ever. Both the fields have their own perks and in this article, we’re going to help you find out which one’s the better option for you. 

Let’s start with understanding both the courses.

MBA in Digital Marketing

An MBA in digital marketing is a professional post-graduate course with a general duration of 2 years. In this MBA, students are trained and prepared to run marketing campaigns via digital platforms. 


SEO, SEM, SMM, Content Marketing, Website Creations, Analytics, Tracking & reporting, etc are some of the common things one learns in an MBA in Digital Marketing. 

MBA in Marketing

An MBA in marketing focuses on marketing as a whole unit with a larger emphasis on traditional methods of marketing along with some knowledge on digital marketing as well. Again it is a 2-year program. 


Consumer Behaviour, Retailing, Managerial economics, Salesforce Management, Forecasting and Modeling, Marketing Management, Brand Management, Marketing Research, E-commerce and Operations Management are the subjects. 


MBA in Digital Marketing vs MBA in Marketing: Scope 

When we talk about the scope of each, the field of marketing has always been around for decades and hence has a very strong foundation. No company is going to skip out on their marketing department and hence, an MBA in marketing will prepare you to be a desirable candidate. 


But this does not mean that digital marketing is behind. Even after being a fairly new concept, it has picked up tremendously and the pandemic proved that digital marketing is the way forward. 


With everyone spending so much time on their phones, marketers wanted a way to reach them on their phones and digital marketing allows them to do that. In fact, digital marketing is coming out to be a standalone department in various organizations now. 

Thus, the scope of MBA in Digital Marketing graduates is equally bright and lucrative. 


MBA in Digital Marketing vs MBA in Marketing: Career Options

The job roles you can apply for after an MBA in Digital Marketing include Digital Marketing Manager, Brand Manager, Content Marketer, Paid Media Expert, SEO Expert, Media Strategist, Business Development Manager, Client Servicing Manager, Social Media Manager, etc. 


The job roles you can apply for after an MBA in Marketing include Sales Manager, Marketing Manager, Brand Manager, Product Planner, TV Producer, Business Development Executive, Market Analyst, Media Planner, Customer Relationship Management, etc. 


MBA in Digital Marketing vs MBA in Marketing: Verdict

To call any one of the disciplines better than the other will be unjust. So here’s how we draw our verdict. 


Both the MBAs are the best in their own applications, thus the judgment depends on the goals you have as a student and what you want your career to be. 


For all our readers who have an interest in working in traditional media channels like radio, tv, etc, and if you think your creativity is best suited there, then MBA in marketing it is. 


Although, if this new world of digitalization excites you and if you want to be a part of capturing your target audiences on the Internet, then you must go for digital marketing. MBA in digital marketing qualifies you for the best of jobs with great diversity. Creative minds, analytical minds, there’s a place for all. 


Also, it will get you future-ready as it is projected that in the coming years, digitalization is going to be the essence of almost everything. 


So there you have it. But now we do understand that an MBA decision is not easy to make. So here’s an alternative for all our readers considering an MBA in Digital Marketing. 


IIDE has launched its 11-month Post Graduation in Digital Marketing which is equivalent to an MBA. It prepares you in each and every digital marketing aspect along with managerial skills to help you place in the top companies at the mid-senior managerial level. 


It is not like an ordinary college. The student culture at IIDE is something to go for along with their focus on practical learning. 


We hope this blog has helped you make an informed decision. We wish you all the best. 

Author’s Bio

karan shah iide founder

Karan Shah

Founder and CEO at IIDE

An ‘Edupreneur’ and the founder of IIDE – Indian Institute of Digital Education.

He is a passionate public speaker and teacher for over 10 years. He has trained over 1,00,000+ students and 25+ corporates in Digital Marketing via online and offline channels. He is a Harvard alumnus specialising in E-commerce.

He is a TEDx speaker and is a visiting faculty at India’s top management institutes like the IIMs.


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