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Financial Modeling Courses – A Complete Guide

Financial Modeling Certification

What is Financial Modeling?

Financial Modeling is a representation of a company’s data in a spreadsheet or a proper framework so as to take decisions on the current or forecasted financial situation. Models are prepared that serves as a representation of past, present and future operations related to company finances.

Analysis of historical information related to financial parameters is very important. The same analysis is used to build different models that help in decision making.

financial modeling courses

The different areas in finance are:

  • Corporate Finance
  • Project Finance
  • Equity Research
  • Credit Rating
  • Investment Banking
  • Wealth Management
  • Financial Risk Management
Free PDF to understand different areas of Finance
Corporate Finance Project Finance Equity Research
Investment Banking Credit Rating Wealth Management

Who should do the Financial Modeling Course?

The decision to opt for Financial Modeling Certification doesn’t depend on graduation background. Any person who wants to explore the finance field should go for this course as it gives a comprehensive learning experience.

It is a must complete course for MBA students interested in Finance specialization

Syllabus of Financial Modeling Course

The complete course can be divided into 4 stages:

  • Advance Excel Training
  • Building Financial Models
  • Forecasting
  • Valuation and Report Writing

The courses will stand unfruitful if you don’t go through Live projects where you apply your knowledge to solve given problem statements.

  • Formatting of Excel Sheets
  • Advanced Modeling Techniques
  • Filtering and Sorting Data
  • Graphs and Charts
  • Table formula and Scenario building
  • Lookups: Vlookup, Hlookup
  • Pivot tables
  • Use of Excel Formula Function
  • Introduction to Financial Statement Analysis
  • Financial Reporting Mechanics
  • Understanding Income Statement, Balance Sheet, Cash Flow Statement
  • Financial Analysis Techniques
  • Inventories, Long-Lived Assets
  • Non-Current Liabilities
  • Financial Statement Application
  • Ratio analysis of industries
  • Du point Analysis
  • Peer to peer analysis
  • Preparation of Financial Analysis report
  • Time value of money
  • Long term financing
  • Cost of capital
  • Measure Of Leverage
  • Prepare Financial Statement
  • Analyzing Revenue and Costs
  • Forecast Revenues, Costs, Debt
  • Project Future Financial Statements
  • Performa Adjustments, Compute Ratios
  • DCF – Discounted Cash Flow Method
  • Prepare Presentation Sheet, Company Overview, Sector Overview
  • Why Project evaluations
  • Stages of the project
  • Construction & development phase
  • Funding during investment phase
  • Costs during the investment phase
  • Life of project; decision making
  • Cash flow waterfall
  • Resolving circular reference
  • Report Writing: On the basis of Financial Modeling

Detailed Syllabus PDF

Checklist before selecting Financial Modeling Course

  • Check the course content and syllabus
  • The course should have live projects
  • Check the bodies that are providing the certification
  • Check if placement opportunities are available(This is subjective and also depends on course cost)
  • An introductory course with only subject content will not help much because you have to apply the knowledge in live projects to create models

Parameters EduPristine IMS Proschool FinTree Finshiksha Internshala
Course Content
Live Projects
Placements Assistance
Certified by BSE NSE, NSDC Own Own Own
Price not mentioned on the website
  • Rs. 40,000(Classroom)
  • Rs. 28,000(Online)
  • Rs. 20,000(Distance Learning)
Rs. 24,000 Rs. 7,400 Rs. 1349+


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