Teenage Attraction is Not Love



We’ve all experienced love during our teenage years. This love adds richness & happiness to our lives. We’ve loved and been loved. It not only provides us with a chance to discover our own selves as we share it with someone new.


Teenage is a transitional phase from childhood to adulthood, where most of us have a probability of getting attracted towards opposite gender due to addiction of one’s charm, looks, and personality. Lust is what attraction is and Love is different.


“Too many adults wish to ‘protect’ teenagers when they should be stimulating them to read of life as it is lived.”-Margaret A. Edwards


“First love is only a little foolishness and a lot of curiosity.”-George  Shaw


“Love is indescribable and unconditional. I could tell you a thousand things that it is not,  but not one that it is.”-Duke Ellington

STATISTICS-What Numbers have to say?

  • In 2012 young people of Australia and Hong Kong, in their early 20’s among 80% had experienced break-up.
  • US-based sample of thousands of school children in Grades 7 to 12, found that over 80 percent of those aged 14 and older were in a relationship, many of these were short term, especially younger, but a significant number were a year or more in duration.


  • Those young people without a gf/bf can feel stressed, lonely, depressed.
  • According to a study, infatuation lasts only for 4months. If you are still the same person after 4 months, you are already in Love.


Here are some Facts/signs of True love:

  • You have great compatibility. Sincerely interested in what the partner says and can spend hours just talking.
  • You introduce him/her to your family and all your friends with great pride, and it is very important to you that they like him/her.


  • You include each other in all your plans and consult for advice on things.
  • If someone says something unkind about your partner, you jump to their defense.
  • WE become more important than ME.


  • You want to know everything about them and can accept both the good and not-so-good qualities.
  • Supports each other’s interests and encourage them towards their goals.


  • Having an intense feeling of caring for your partner and only want best for him/her.
  • You see a future together and talk about it seriously and want to spend your whole life with each other.

DESCRIPTION – Let’s take a Deep Dive

Teenage is a stage where physical, mental and social development occurs. It is a growing period. Most of the teens fantasize a lot at this age, not fully mature to take independent decisions. Teenage is an age of fantasy.


A teenager wants to see him/herself at the apex of everything, wishes to get anything desired. They want to be like a movie star or a great Rockstar. Nowadays media like Tv, Internet, movies, Novels are causes which affect teens and distracts them in many ways.


Teen attraction is not a new phenomenon. Nowadays it seems like even little children are having crushes on peers and celebrities. At this age attraction is natural. Meditation can be the best method to have control over emotions and desires. Being in love is not a bad thing.


It’s just that Teenage is not to the time to think much about love. I have seen many teens blindly fall in love and then face the consequences later. Most of them don’t act sensibly as they are immature and don’t have knowledge of right and wrong.


Teenage is also the most crucial age where people should take rational decisions in term of their career or the right choices to achieve their dreams.  One should make this age fruitful by participating in youth clubs, sports, music class, creative works, to excavate their hidden talents.  In a nutshell, studies come first overall.


To have a life partner becomes a psychological need, but waiting for the right time can make things perfect. And most important to know the difference between healthy and unhealthy relationships.

Good Side

  • You go through high school with your best friend.
  • You get to plan your futures together.
  • You always have someone to hang out with.
  • You accomplish your goals with the person you love.


Dark Side

  • Everyone around you voices their unwanted doubts.
  • You might lose some friends.
  • Social media complicates relationships
  • Someone has to leave for college.


It’s not at all about age. The path which follows is different for a different person. Many times, teenagers are not aware of love which results in breakups later. Since their minds are not enough strong to accept those consequences and move into depression.


But love is just that. Whether in teenage or later, love is true.  If it isn’t true, it’s not called Love!

Author – Mayuri Aher

Scrutiny – Riddhi Pansare

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