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Hi folks,

I am Sohrab and I would like to share my experience on Instagram.

Its been a journey over a period from being a non-socializer and anti-Instagram person to become a pro Instagram user as well as a service provider now. After serving several client in B2B and B2C segment, I have realised a potential of Instagram. Our team at iDigitize work day and night in understanding content harvesting and creating engaging content for several social platforms where Instagram is the niche.


instagram marketing

The World:

Or the virtual world, lives on the bloodstream of content. Try to understand, every platform does works with content but, definitely content type is different for every platform. Consider talking for Instagram, it dwells on photo content. People generally forget this primary objective of the platform and then complain that the platform didn’t work for them. Instagram was created as picture sharing platform and moving towards video sharing too. Which means the audience who is using the platform is looking for the consuming graphical content on it.

So,the bottom line : “Your pictures needs to relate to the audience; Your Instagram profile needs to be picture perfect”


The Reach:

Another, phenomenal requirement for any profile is its reach. The moment we post anything we look for our likes, we worry that whether the post will reach out the masses or not. We share the post and at times ask people to like it; which is fairly acceptable. Unless you share it people won’t understand. Going further to make it reach the masses.


The Driving Force:

Someone said for twitter; “The power of twitter lies in retweets”. For Instagram the power is in its “#hashtags”. Right hashtag and right time is the must. Consider using 15 odd good hashtags in your posts. Your post can reach new highs by following few good steps:

  1. Click/Create a good picture/video which should go with your profile. Do not put irrelevant stuff, since your followers are there for a reason.
  2. Write a good description for your post. 2 lines are enough. People don’t use Instagram for story reading.
  3. Use good 12-15 hashtags. Before you even use them go to the search of Instagram and do some hashtag mining. Try to understand the number of times it is used and its reach by following the hashtags. The more your deep dive into hashtag study the more you will get better hashtags. Use a medium used hashtags instead the one’s super popular.
  4. Post the content at the correct time. Understand when your followers comes online the most and post the content at that perfect time. Another thumb rule of post: “Do not edit the post 5 mins after its already live”, instead create a new one if required.
  5. Boosting the post with a little extra money works definitely, but do not ever boost currently uploaded post. Boost older one’s instead. Let your post grow organically and the consider boosting it after 48 good hours.
  6. Tagging people in the post only if it is necessary, is a good idea to increase the reach. You can ask your friends to give you a shout out on their statuses and that really works well.


The consistency:

Most people forget that their followers dwell upon them and waiting for their content to come alive. Keeping consistent posting is a must. You never know which of your post will rocket boost your profile and keeping content posting consistent is the key to grow on any platform rather.


They say “consistency is the key to success”, so it applies here as well. Posting stories and status on what your are doing and keeping followers engaged helps a lot. At times try to go live and answer your followers too. Encourage talking to people and helping them as much possible, as they the one’s whole will promote your profile. Keep your audience engaged with your profile and keep making them happy. Do acknowledge the comments and talk to your followers.



Good content, optimum hashtags, public engagement and consistency will lead your profile to be a rocket success.

Author – Sohrab Ardeshar Vakharia

Co-founder iDigitize

Instagram profile

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