Love Marriage Vs Arrange Marriage


Marriage is a lifetime partnership between two souls, who come together to celebrate their journey of life with each other happily. In a love marriage, individuals choose their partners by their own choice, they love each other and get married with or without the consent of their parents. Whereas, in arrange marriage, parents and family members decide the future and partners of individuals. Let’s explore more about Love marriage vs Arrange marriage.

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STATISTICS – What Numbers have to Say?

  • Recent research conducted by statistic brain published on 7th February 2018, have revealed that over 50% of worldwide marriages are arranged.
  • The research revealed that annual 26,250,000 worldwide marriages were arranged -making its percentage 53.25%. This means then global love marriages 46.75% almost making the two methods evenly split.

Love Marriage Vs Arrange Marriage Group Discussion

Both love marriage and arrange marriage have their own merits as well as demerits. But, the common quality needed in both must be the understanding between the couples. Love could blossom in arrange marriage and sincerity could be seen in love marriage if both individuals understand each other and accept their flaws.

Besides, according to me arrange marriage would not be a good option for the modern generation, millennials are more sensitive and egoistic and less tolerant, unlike the older generation. This is the reason why today’s individuals cannot survive the complications of arrange marriage.

The concept of arranged marriage is not wrong just the millennials could not fit in. Love marriage, on the other hand, is a suitable option choice for millennials because of its beauty of compatibility. Love marriage holds the characteristics which a modern couple is in search of.


Love marriage allows individuals to know each other well and to absorb each other’s flaws by taking as much time as they want to get ready for marriage and this is what makes it easy to hold on to the lifelong commitment. Education and surrounding also play a major role in the preference of individuals.

In rural and backward areas arrange marriages are still considered as a part of their tradition. Because of the lack of literacy, they still follow old beliefs and customs. In urban areas, individuals mostly prefer love marriage over arrange, due to their educated background.


Advantages of Love Marriage

1. Better Understanding and Compatibility In love marriages, couples usually know each other well before tying the knot. This deep understanding and compatibility can help them build a strong, enduring relationship based on mutual respect and knowledge of each other’s personalities.

2. Strong Emotional Connection Love marriages are often built on a solid emotional foundation. Couples have typically spent considerable time together, building a strong bond that helps them support each other through life’s ups and downs.

3. Shared Interests and Hobbies Couples who marry for love often have shared interests and hobbies, which can lead to a more enjoyable and connected relationship. Doing activities they both enjoy strengthens their bond and adds fun to their marriage.

4. Personal Autonomy and Choice In love marriages, individuals choose their partners based on personal preferences and mutual feelings. This freedom of choice can lead to greater satisfaction and happiness in the relationship, as both partners are with someone they genuinely want to be with.

5. Effective Communication Having a history together often means that couples in love marriages are better at communicating with each other. They feel more comfortable expressing their thoughts and emotions, which is crucial for resolving conflicts and maintaining a healthy relationship.


Advantages of Arranged Marriage

1. Strong Family Support System Arranged marriages often come with the backing of both families. This support can be invaluable, providing emotional and practical assistance to the couple, especially during challenging times.

2. Cultural and Social Compatibility Families typically ensure that both partners come from similar cultural and social backgrounds, which can ease the adjustment period and minimize conflicts arising from cultural differences.

3. Stability and Commitment Arranged marriages are often seen as a union of two families rather than just two individuals. This can instill a strong sense of commitment and responsibility in the couple, contributing to the marriage’s stability.

4. Practical and Pragmatic Approach Families take various practical aspects into account, such as financial stability, education, and social status, during the matchmaking process. This pragmatic approach can result in a balanced and secure relationship, reducing potential stressors.

5. Realistic Expectations In arranged marriages, couples may enter the marriage with fewer unrealistic expectations of each other. This can reduce initial pressure and allow the relationship to develop naturally, fostering a deep, lasting bond over time.


After, all the above discussion, one cannot strongly favor any of the two marriages. One cannot say, love marriages are more successful or vice versa, as a successful marriage is not when a perfect couple meets, but it is when two flawed persons accept each other completely and happily.

Whether it is love or arranged marriage will work only if both the partners are loyal and have an understanding of each other. Hence, the decision should completely lie in the hands of the individuals as it’s the couple who have to live with each other for a lifetime.

Author – Mahima Hurkat

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  1. I would like to start the GD in favour of love marriage. I chose this one bcoz marriage is a relation between two people , this is a relation where the two live their remaining beautiful life together by understanding each other , by supporting each other so if these people know each other before , support each other , understand each other , doing care for each other before binding into a relation then it would be so amazing to handle these things easily to live a peaceful and great life ahead but yaa this only depending on the conditions whether how they chose their partner , how they know them completely ,how they understand each other how they trust each other .

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