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Are you using a smartphone and don’t know about AI? Google Assitant, Siri, Alexa etc. are based on AI and also the chatbots. Remember Natasha from Hike?

artificial intelligence pros and cons

Wikipedia defines AI as ‘Artificial Intelligence is the ability of a program or a machine to think and learn’. Is it limited to this statement? The answer is, No. The statement has to include an important term known as ‘human’. Artificial intelligence (AI) is an area of computer science that emphasizes the creation of intelligent machines that work and react like humans.


“Computers will overtake humans with AI within the next 100 years. When that happens, we need to make sure the computers should have goals aligned with Ours” – Stephen Hawking

STATISTICS – What numbers have to Say?

  • Chatbots will power 85 % of customer service by 2020. (Innovation Enterprise)
  • 50 % of all online searches will be voice searches by 2020. (Campaign)
  • Amazon’s machine learning algorithm has decreased the “click-to-ship” time by 225 %. (Forbes)


  • Netflix saved $1 billion this year as a result of its machine learning algorithm which recommends personalized TV shows and movies to subscribers. (Business Insider)
  • Global spending on cognitive and AI systems is expected to reach $57.6 billion in 2021. (IDC)
  • By 2020, AI will eliminate 1.8 million jobs and create 2.3 million. (Venture Harbour)

DESCRIPTION – Let’s take a Deep Dive

In 1956, John McCarthy first used the term Artificial Intelligence.

Many people get confused between Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI). Let’s understand the concept. Machine Learning enables a machine to learn by themselves using the data provided and then make predictions. ML is a subset of AI.

If AI is a software that solves problems by itself then ML is the algorithm that learns from data provided

Advantages of Artificial Intelligence

  • Error reduction in decision making because the decision prediction is based on algorithms. This is supplemented with quick decision making
  • AI helps in places where working conditions are not safe for human beings


  • AI-based applications are boon for physically handicapped people
  • Risk-taking will be easy where humans are exposed to Critical Missions. Example – Space Exploration


Travel – Google Maps is the best example of using AI to make commuting easier. It scans roads and uses algorithms to determine the best route for every mode whether it is a car, bike or walking


Healthcare – Atomwise uses AI and deep learning to facilitate drug discovery. It is being used to tackle some of the most pressing medical issues of the day, that includes Ebola and multiple sclerosis

Disadvantages of Artificial Intelligence

  • AI term can sound fancy but the cost of implementation is huge.
  • The dependency of mankind on the machines will increase with increasing innovations in AI applications


  • Jobs replaced by automation. By the mid-2030s, 38% of all US jobs will have the potential for automation.  This includes 53% of manufacturing, wholesale and retail trade (51%), construction (34%), human health and social work (28%), and education (12%)
  • AI going wrong in future can result in humans losing control over machines


Uber self-driving car kills a pedestrian. An Uber self-driving SUV struck and killed a female pedestrian on March 28 in Tempe, Arizona. The Uber vehicle was in autonomous mode, with a human safety driver at the wheel.


March 2016 – Microsoft shuts down its chatbot Tay because it started using racist language


Artificial Intelligence is gaining importance everywhere and innovative ideas on its applications make life easier for many. The same technology can be used to inflict injustice to mankind resulting in catastrophic consequences as discussed in examples. Humans created AI but if it goes in wrong hands then humans will be replaced and the threat to mankind cannot be altered.

Efficient and Intelligent use of AI with its deployment can definitely make this world a better world.

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Artificial Intelligence pros and cons

what is artificial intelligence

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