Copyright Free Music for YouTube Videos

Copyright Free Music for YouTube Videos

Background music in YouTube videos can create a tremendous impact. Choosing the right piece of music is very important and it depends on what type of video are you uploading. The most difficult task is to find copyright free music for YouTube videos so that your channel is not affected. This article is all about 6 places where you can find and download Copyright free music for YouTube videos. Let’s get started, don’t forget to share the this article.

copyright free music for youtube videos

Website for Copyright Free Music

YouTube Channels for Copyright Free Music

Visit any YouTube channel from the following list and surf through different songs. The download link of the song is given in Video description box.


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Why Background Music matters in YouTube Videos?

Picture this: you’re scrolling through YouTube, and a video catches your eye. You click, but are instantly met with…silence. No upbeat melodies, no dramatic swells, just…nothing.

Sound familiar? While silence can be powerful in some cases, for most YouTube videos, it’s the equivalent of serving a boring meal on a paper plate. The content might be good, but the presentation is terrible.

That’s where background music comes in, acting as the element that elevates your videos from good to great. But its importance goes beyond simply adding a catchy tune. Here’s why background music is the secret weapon in your YouTube arsenal:

1. Emotion in Motion: Think of music as the emotional touch of your video. Upbeat, energetic tracks can excite and motivate viewers, while calming melodies can reflect of peace and focus. Choosing the right music sets the tone, guiding viewers on the emotional journey you want them to experience.

2. Attention is the Key!: In today’s fast-paced world, capturing and holding someone’s attention is a challenge. Well-chosen background music acts like a magnet, keeping viewers engaged. It prevents them to not switch to other video.

3. Storytelling Symphony: Just like a movie score, background music enhances the narrative of your video. It amplifies key moments, underlines humor, and builds suspense. Think of it as adding another layer of storytelling, one that resonates on a deeper, emotional level than words alone can achieve.

4. Brand Identity Builder: Music has a powerful ability to call up memories and emotions. Choosing music that aligns with your brand personality helps create a consistent and recognizable experience for your viewers. Over time, this becomes synonymous with your brand, strengthening its identity and recall value.

5. SEO Sweet Sounds: While YouTube’s algorithm doesn’t directly analyze music, it does consider things like watch time and engagement. By keeping viewers hooked with captivating music, you indirectly boost your video’s performance in search results.

But Remember, Music Matters

Adding background music isn’t just about slapping on any random tune. Choosing the right music requires careful consideration:

  • Genre & Mood: Align the music with your video’s content and tone.
  • Copyright & Licensing: Ensure you have the rights to use the music legally.
  • Volume & Balance: Don’t overpower your voice or drown out important information.
  • Less is More: Don’t overdo it. Let the music enhance, not dominate, your video.

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