A Stitch in Time saves Nine



I am sure many of us might have had this regret in life until now at least once that

“It could have been better if I would have done this work on time before itself”.

Didn’t You?


There are hundreds of proverb that conveys some or the other information likewise,

A stitch in time saves nine is a proverb or say an idiom which conveys the advice as

“appropriate action taken at the right time can prevent the problem from getting more acute”.


One of the example that is all over the internet

“A cloth which is torn must be stitched sooner, otherwise, the torn part would increase in size and it may get tricky to stitch it”.


This example illustrates the proverb the best and in the simplest way.

If a cloth is torn and not stitched on time, it will soon become useless. Likewise, If we do not do the work and keep it for tomorrow, it will just keep on getting piled up and will make our work harder for the next day.


  • “The world is a woven basket. Every stitch counts” – A.D. Posey


  • “Time is a great healer, but a poor beautician.” – Lucille S. Harper


  • “Those who make the worst of their time most complain about its shortness.” – La Bruyere

STATISTICS – What Numbers have to Say?

  • Blockbuster has an opportunity to buy Netflix for $50 million in 2002. The deal wasn’t successful and later with it failed attempt to buy Circuit City, Blockbuster filed for bankruptcy in the year 2010.


  • Blockbuster’s worth in 2010 was $24 million and Netflix was at $13 billion.


  • Today, the market capitalization of Netflix is more than $120 billion – See how the game changes with time.

DESCRIPTION – Let’s take a Deep Dive

‘A Stitch In Time Saves Nine’ is a proverb that motivates us to avoid being careless, be it professional or personal life.

The problems that come in our life is nothing if we look into it at the right time.


If you have a dream of getting prosperous, will you get it by procrastinating?

No, you won’t.

You will have to work hard and use every minute that passes by without wasting it.

Here, If you delay the work, you will regret it later when your dream will not come true.


Every time, if you will keep on saying “I will do it tomorrow” the time may never come and due to your negligence plus habit of putting things on another day it will turn into “I wish I would have done it before”.


Similarly, if we examine a single day of our life, right from waking up, we need to start making the decision.


When we wake up and think of sleeping for another 5 minutes, it is the first wrong decision of the day as we ourselves won’t know, when did it turn into 15 minutes.


And later on, we will have to rush to do things in the morning.


Instead,  if we would have woke up on time, we could have done things efficiently with time in your hand.


Because, as we all know, that time waits for no one we need to be good at time management.


Sometimes, a short delay in work can make the company suffer an immense loss.


So, be it your professional or personal life, taking “appropriate action taken at the right time can prevent the problem from getting more acute”.


Hence we may say that the proverb “A Stitch in Time Saves Nine” has one of the most vital advice for everyone.

A short story on A Stitch in Time Saves Nine

Raj was in school when he met Kunal for the first time. They both became good friends. At the start, Kunal seemed to be a genuine person, but as time passed, Raj got to know Kunal’s evil side. Kunal uses to threaten the kids in the school and steal their things.


Whenever there was a complaint against him, he never uses to fear anyone. To our surprise, Kunal’s parents always use to take his side and never scolded him.


After a few months, Kunal got involved in a fight and lost his temper. He was so furious that he inserted the rounder (we use to have one in geometry box) in another boy’s hand.

There was a police case filed against him. Kunal was suspended from the school as well.


Moral: Had the parents scolded him at the very start when they got his first complaint, he would have not done what he did.


In the end, the people who are bad at time management, taking action, following a plan, should start getting into these good habits as it will help them in the long run.

We should do our work on time rather than wasting time and cursing at the end of the day that I do not have time to do this and that.

A stitch in time saves nine’ is a profound proverb to keep in mind and apply it in our daily lives. It teaches us the importance of time and work and how they go hand in hand.


Author: Tanvi Jadhav

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