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‘Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish’ is a quote used by American business magnate Steve Jobs in his closing speech. Originally these are the words written by Stewart Brand in ‘The Whole Earth Catalog‘. Just by reading it, one can assume it to be merely a sentence with some clubbed words. Deep dive into it, we explore a message that reflects ‘Never be satisfied, and always push yourself ’ and also to ‘Do things people say cannot be done.’

Stay Hungry Stay Foolish Steve Jobs


“A wise man can learn more from a foolish question than a fool can learn from a wise answer”- Bruce Lee

“You have to be hungry in order to savour the taste of success”- Harprateek Grewal


STATISTICS – What Numbers have to Say?

  • Thomas Edison made 1,000 unsuccessful attempts at inventing the light bulb but he was hungry for it so he continued every time and finally 1001st time he succeeded.
  • After 5,126 failed prototypes, Sir James Dyson went through a course of 15 years before creating the eponymous best-selling bagless vacuum cleaner that led to a net worth of $4.5billion.
  • Michael Jordan was dropped from the basketball team during his high school days. He has actually counted his failures and it includes 300 lost games and 26 missed game-winning shots. Most champions are discouraged and demotivated by failures but Michael Jordan had the hunger for success.


DESCRIPTION – Let’s take a Deep Dive

Stay Hungry means –

It is a metaphor used for being highly motivated to achieve something. Without any motivation, one can not achieve anything extra in life. You will go on searching for food only when you are actually hungry. So from ‘stay hungry’ it is suggested that you should always feel hungry for achieving more. Most of the time people tend to relax or to stop when they achieve what they have decided in life. But it is also important to starve for more after that and from here successful personalities get differentiated from remaining people. Successful people don’t stop, they keep going and find innovative ways to do things. This kind of burning desire, ambition to continuously challenge oneself even after achieving success and being on top of the respective field is the meaning of hungry.

The best example of Stay Hungry is Elon Musk, at the age of 12 he sold a video game developed by him. After that, he founded a web software company Zip2 with his brother. Then he co-founded X.com. In 2001, he founded Space Exploration Technology  Corp. known as SpaceX.

stay hungry stay foolish elon musk


The intention behind the formation of this company was to build affordable rockets. It is a very successful private space company. But hunger of doing something different made him start Tesla Motors in 2003. After this, he started ‘The Boring Company’, ‘SolarCity’. This shows how after achieving one milestone, Elon Musk didn’t stop and continued his journey.


Stay Foolish means – 

Stay foolish suggests living a life like a crazy person. Without thinking about what others will say we should try new things. Sometimes we lose opportunity just because we are afraid of challenging standard norms set by society.

It takes guts to stand out from the crowd. One should always try new things keeping logical thinking aside. Think like you can reach the moon and try achieving it.

Today, we all know that Earth rotates around the Sun. But when initially Galileo Galilei stated this fact everyone thought he was a fool. The Church even persecuted him for this stance. Unfortunately after his death, everyone realised that he was right. Here we can see that Galileo challenged the standard norm set by someone. And he didn’t pay attention to what people thought. He stayed foolish and discovered the fact that is still very important. Most of the new inventions are born through this mentality only.



The mindset of a person who achieves success

  • Don’t know what giving up is
  • Addiction of achieving success
  • Risk-taking appetite
  • Passionate about the area of interest
  • Grabbing opportunities
  • Networking skills
  • Caring about co-workers and employees
  • Continuous learning and efforts
  • Innovative thinking and futuristic vision


There should always be a desire that keeps you on your toes. Be curious to explore new things, question everything. Never stop trying something new because you have achieved what you planned for. Always keep asking for more. Never be afraid of trying something new just because everyone will call you foolish for your actions.


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Author – Vaishnavi Guntoorkar

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