SSB GD Topics with Answers 2022


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When it comes to SSB, the first thing that comes into mind is clearing the screening test. Apart from PPDT(Picture perception and description test), group discussion plays an important role in the selection process. Let’s explore the SSB GD topics with answers along with a guide to excel.


SSB – Service Selection Board conducts the interview for recruiting officers in Indian Armed Forces – managed by Defense Ministry of India

SSB GD Topics with answers 2022

SSB Group Discussion Topics with Answers

Reservation System in India

Syrian Crises – What’s happening in Syria

Will India win a two-front war with China & Pakistan

Role of India in the United Nations

Mob lynching in India

The present education system in India

Status of women in India

One nation one election

Women empowerment in India

Capital punishment should be banned

Democracy vs Monarchy

Is India ready for a cashless economy?

Detention Policy: Pros & Cons


We have already provided you with the list of SSB GD topics with answers. The list will be updated on a regular basis.

Well, everyone performs best in their way but the real preparation starts from the day when one decides to join the forces. Indeed, a true personality doesn’t require any special preparation to get selected. But there are certain areas where prior preparation can make you stand differently. One such area is GD. Having a good hold in the SSB GD round will not only gathers the assessor’s attention but also influence the other group members.



Definitely! communication plays an important role in personality development. But, if you are stuck in between, there is no harm in continuing with the Hindi language but still try to bounce back to English.


It is advisable to speak quality rather than quantity. Logical assertions convenience the other group members, as well as statements supported with facts, show one’s deep understanding of the topic.

How to crack SSB GD?

Three mantras to crack SSB GD

  1. Adequate knowledge
  2. Thought clarity
  3. Confidence



  1. Firstly, have a good reserve of knowledge. So Read! Read! and Read! Usually, a well-read person has the upper hand over others and he can lead the discussion, which in turn gains extra points for him. Knowledge can’t be gained instantly but it is a continuous building process. Otherwise one will end up speaking irrelevant stuff. The inclusion of facts and examples endorse the presented statements.         So, current affairs play an important role too. Mostly, it is seen that candidates don’t know what to read and from where to read and they end up wasting lots of time with no output. Even after working so hard, they are unable to perform as expected. This is because they lack proper guidance.



  1. Secondly, keep your mind open and let your thoughts flow. Once you know what to speak and when to speak, others also find interest in your talks and listen to them carefully. During GD, aspirants usually don’t listen to others, all they want is put up their points. This creates a fish market, especially if it is a repeaters’ group. Hardly you get a chance to speak. But take that chance as your golden opportunity and hit the nail on the point. Speak in such a way that you leave an impression on the assessors. For that, you should have a crisp and clear thought process. Quality thoughts are produced by flexible minds. Moreover, a person’s thought process gives a glimpse of his personality.



  1. Last but not least is confidence. It is somehow interrelated to the above two points. If you have adequate knowledge and a clear thought process, you automatically feel confident. You can easily put across your views without any confusion. Speaking confidently, no matter what the language is, creates a difference. A good point, but presented in under confident way, may not leave the desired impact and can lose its charm.


Compared to placement group discussions, SSB GDs are slightly different. The candidate is assessed based on 15 Officer Like Qualities(OLQ’s). So the preparation here is also slightly different.



Qualities desirable in SSB GD

  • Reasoning ability and effective intelligence
  • Presence of mind and clarity of thoughts
  • Organization of thought process
  • Power of expression


  • Cooperation with other team members
  • Initiatives taken by the candidate
  • Knowledge
  • High confidence while putting points
  • Group influencing ability


  • Command on language
  • Acceptance of other’s points
  • Adding value to the discussion and taking it forward


  • Good listening ability
  • Convincing power
  • Flexibility

DO’S in SSB Group Discussion

  • Keep patience while speaking
  • Speak only when you feel the point is relevant and will add value to the discussion
  • Speak confidently by looking into everyone’s eyes
  • Give others a chance to speak


  • Listen to others points carefully and try to relate them if possible
  • Keep a hold on your points and deliver them whenever you get your golden chance
  • Address everyone by chest numbers, not by their names


  • Try to add facts and examples
  • Keep a firm smile on the face
  • Breathe!! Speak slow and maintain a good tone.




DON’T’s in SSB Group Discussion

  • Don’t just jump into the discussion without understanding the topic
  • Do not point fingers at others and avoid overuse of hand gestures
  • Don’t stand and do not involve in any kind of argument with anyone


  • Avoid frequent use of Hindi or any other language. Try to speak in English
  • Avoid looking at the panel
  • Don’t dishearten if you don’t get frequent chances to speak. Look for a pause or convince others to allow you to speak


  • Avoid making any mini-groups or taking sides
  • Avoid shaking legs, it shows that the person is under-confident, rather maintain a straight body posture

Author: Priyanka Mahala Recommended for Indian Airforce.
8 SSB attempts.

Thanks, Priyanka for this awesome information on SSB GD topics with answers and the guide.

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SSB GD Topics with Answers 2022

SSB GD TOPICS WITH ANSWERS Hi to all SSB aspirants, When it comes to SSB, the first thing that comes into mind is clearing the screening test. Apart from PPDT(Picture perception and description test), group discussion plays an important role in the selection process. Let’s explore the SSB GD topics with answers along with a …


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