15 GD Topics for MBA with Answers and Guide

GD/WAT Topics for MBA

GD Topis for MBA

This blog will help you explore the most important GD topics for MBA admissions. The group discussion round is crucial during the selection process that is followed by a personal interview. In some institutes, the GD round is replaced by Written Ability Test.

mba gd topics with answers

A similar GD process acts as a filter during the placement process so it is of utmost importance that MBA students are well versed with important topics related to the management world.

We have listed down GD topics for MBA with solutions. Just select the topic you feel like reading and explore quality content.

Parameters judged in the actual GD round

  1. Your communication skills
  2. How well you carry yourself
  3. How you behave with other group members
  4. Are you a team player?
  5. Individualistic in nature or group effort
  6. Patience level, the Acceptance level
  7. Confidence, pressure handling capacity, Self-esteem

How to handle the MBA GD round?

Most of the candidates fear to attend a group discussion because they don’t know what to speak, how to speak, stage fear, etc.


The two most important factor that will decide your performance in GD are:

  1. GD Preparation
  2. GD Practice


GD Preparation – One must understand that GD has a topic or subject that has to be discussed with other group members. If you are a person who reads daily newspapers, is in touch with what’s happening in the business world then preparation is up to the mark.


If you are not reading content then what will you speak in GD? Now the next questions will be, what should I read, where to start from. etc.? Begin from somewhere, the simplest step is to go through GD topics that we have already written on this website.


If you want daily content to consume then watch business news on television or mobile application or newspaper etc., whatever you are comfortable with.


Is GD preparation enough to tackle the actual situation? The answer is No.



GD Practice – Practicing any topic with your friends, parents, colleagues, etc. will give you the confidence to talk with the crowd and also boost confidence. Be it a political topic, environmental or anything, just start with a normal discussion and check whether you have enough to speak and tackle.


The content knowledge will go for a toss if you don’t practice. Practice aspect has many benefits like

  1. You will learn new terms, vocabulary words
  2. Your vocal cord gets a good exercise
  3. Confidence level increases, self-esteem goes up
  4. You will understand how people react in different situations. In short, you will start reading people based on their actions
  5. Stage fear disappears with more practice sessions

Mistakes by students in MBA GD round

  1. Some group members will keep on talking irrelevant stuff during group discussions. They must be thinking that talking too much will gain the attention of panelists and chances of selection will increase. You are completely wrong if you think in such a direction.
  2. Quality of content matters a lot rather than quantity
  3. Pointing fingers at other members
  4. Use of foul language, shouting, yelling, arguing
  5. Debating on correct & incorrect aspect
  6. Fidgeting with a pen/pencil, legs, etc. during the session
  7. Facial expression going out of control

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