CAT EXAMMBA Entrance NotesQuantitative Aptitude Notes

CAT Quant Notes Study Material PDF

CAT Quant - Algebra, Arithmetic, Geometry, Modern Maths, Numbers

CAT Quant Study Material PDF

Topics PDF Notes
Handwritten Notes Download
101 Quant Shortcuts Download
Quant Tricks Download
100 Must Solve Quant Questions Download
Quant Question Bank Download
CAT 2020 Quant Analysis – Total 26 Questions
Area Slot 1 Slot 2 Slot 3
Algebra 8 7 4
Arithmetic 10 9 10
Geometry 3 5 4
Number System 2 1 3
Modern Maths 3 4 5


CAT Quant Algebra Notes

CAT Quant Algebra Notes

Topics PDF Notes
Linear Equations Download
Quadratic Equations
Higher Degree Equations

CAT Quant Arithmetic Notes

CAT Quant Arithmetic Notes

Topics PDF Notes
Percentages Download
Ratio and Proportion
Time Speed Distance
Mixtures and Alligations
Profit and Loss* Download
Time and Work* Download
Simple and Compound Interest* Download
Miscellaneous Quant Download

CAT Quant Number System Notes

CAT Quant Number System Notes
Topics PDF Notes
Properties of Numbers Download
Divisibility Test
Divisibility and Factors
Surds and Indices
Finding Remainders
HCF and LCM* Download

CAT Quant Geometry Notes

CAT Quant Geometry Notes
Topics PDF Notes
Lines and Angles Download
Coordinate Geometry

CAT Quant Modern Maths Notes

CAT Quant Modern Maths Notes
Topics PDF Notes
Binomial Theorem Download
Set Theory and Venn Diagrams Download
Permutation and Combination Download
Sequences and Series* Download

CAT 2023 Quantitative Aptitude Syllabus

  • Number System
  • Geometry & Mensuration
  • Percentages
  • Speed, Time and Distance
  • Profit and Loss
  • Simple & Compound Interest
  • Time and Work
  • Venn diagrams
  • Averages
  • Algebra – Linear & Quadratic Equations, Maxima-Minima, Inequalities
  • LCM and HCF
  • Set Theory
  • Binomial Theorem
  • Complex Numbers
  • Ratio and Proportion
  • Logarithm
  • Progressions
  • Inequalities
  • Permutation and Combination
  • Probability
  • Mixtures and Allegations
  • Surds and Indices

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CAT Past Question Papers with Solutions

Year Question Paper Solution
CAT 2020 – Slot 1, 2, 3 Download
CAT 2019 – Slot 1 Download Download
CAT 2019 – Slot 2 Download Download
CAT 2018 – Slot 1 Download Download
CAT 2018 – Slot 2 Download Download
CAT 2017 – Slot 1, 2 Download
2008 Download
2007 Download
2006 Download
2005 Download
2004 November Download
2004 February Download
2003 Download
2002 Download
2001 Download
2000 Download
1999 Download
1998 Download
1997 Download
1996 Download
1995 Download
1994 Download
1993 Download
1992 Download
1991 Download
1990 Download


CAT Formulas PDF

HKF CAT Formula Download
TIME CAT Formula Download
CAT Formula PDF by Cracku
Permutations and Combination Download
Simple and Compound Interest Download
Mixtures and Alligations Download
Bayes Theorem & Conditional Probability Download
Progression & Series Download
Time, Distance, Speed & Work Download
Number System Download
Geometry/Mensuration Download
Linear Equations Download
Quadratic Equations Download
Venn Diagrams & Set Theory Download
Profit & Loss Download
Inequalities Download
Logarithm, Surds & Indices Download
Ratio and Proportion Download
Remainder Theorem – Fermat Download
Remainder Theorem – Euler Download
Remainder Theorem – Chinese Download
Remainder Theorem – Wilson Download
Handwritten CAT Formula Book by Non-Engineer
Averages and Mixtures Download
Mensuration Download
Coordinate Geometry Download
Geometry Download
Trigonometry Download
Time, Speed, Distance Download
Time and Work Download
Simple Equations Download
Simple & Compound Interest Download
Ratio and Proportion Download
Profit and Loss Download
Number System Download
Percentages Download
Permutations and Combinations Download
Golden Book for CAT Download

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