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Hello Friends, This is Monika Dixit, pursued PGDM in Banking and Financial services from National Institute of Bank Management, NIBM Pune. Today, I am sharing my journey from having a background in core science to go for the banking and finance course. Why NIBM?, Why MBA? NIBM WAT-PI experience.


I was the kind of student always fascinated to take part in curricular activities whether it is about leading people, assigning a task, organising events, social work in NGOs, flash mob, influencing others or whatever. I enjoyed such activities and whenever I got breaks during long lecture and hectic lab hours. I utilised the time for such extracurricular activities.

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It was during the final term exams of my bachelor. I decided to go for an MBA degree and since I was following to news related to Banking, Market and finance world and having an inclination to numbers and problem-solving ability, I decided to do MBA in finance. I got connected with alumni’s of NIBM on LinkedIn who are working at reputed firms. From their guidance and experience, I make my mind to apply for NIBM and started preparing for the interview.


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What exactly happens in a WAT (written ability test) at NIBM?

So, the process started with a 15- minute WAT round where a topic generally from current affairs is given to us to check the candidate’s written abilities. I was supposed to write about ISRO’s journey to success. After that, we were directed to interview rooms.


My interview went as long to 25- 30 minutes. with the panel consisting 2 members.

One from the Industry and other was the professor of Risk Management. They asked me straightforward to why to select you instead of someone having a commerce background.

Anyhow, I convinced them with my interest, skillsets, passion and knowledge about finance and banking sector. I was prepared thoroughly with the topics such as NPAs, ILFC crisis, RBI, Accounting terminologies and Stock Market. I remembered we had a discussion on the tussle between RBI and Government. Where they also gave their insights on the issue. The conversation also went on my hobbies, background, my career prospects 5 yr down the line.


At NIBM the Interview not just revolves around questions specific to candidate’s profile -his background, specialisation, skills and interests but the interviewer also checks a candidate’s knowledge in current affairs and awareness to banking and finance sector. So, if you are not from a core finance background and going to face the NIBM interview please update yourself with the basic knowledge about banking and finance along with the other preparation parts.


The course at NIBM is really rigorous and competitive they want to admit only sincere, hardworking and  students, who are seriously passionate to dive into the finance world.

After assigning the weighted score to WAT, Interview round, Academic records, Entrance score and work ex. A merit list is prepared which screen out the selected and the waitlisted candidates.

How is NIBM Pune?

Is NIBM Pune worth joining?

NIBM is an apex institution set up by RBI in 1969. The Institute is engaged in Research, Training & Education of senior executives of banks across the globe. and provides Consulting and policy implementation support to the Banking Institution. A well- equipped Institution to train students with a competent course- curriculum, highly qualified professors, lush green campus, good infrastructure, connectivity to the airport, 100% placements of PGDM students recorded over the years and ROI are some factors which make me go for NIBM over other colleges.

Author – Monika Dixit

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