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Data Interpretation: Bar Graph Tricks Questions & Answer

DI Bar Graphs

I hope you are doing well. Data Interpretation carries about 20 marks in MBA CET exam. In order to score in CET exam, you should focus on DI to score maximum marks because students don’t find other Quant questions very comforting to solve.

BAR graph data interpretation uot mba

Your task is to get maximum marks using speed techniques.

Different types of DI sets asked in the exam are

  1. Line chart
  2. Bar graph
  3. Pie chart
  4. Caselet
  5. Numerical table
  6. Mixed chart

A student should be well versed with the concept of percentages, averages, ratio proportion to master DI questions. In addition to this, a student is expected to know squares of numbers till 30, cubes till 20 and tables till 30.

The video reveals Tricks to Solve Data Interpretation Questions

DI Bar Graph Free PDF Download

DI Bar Graph Free PDF

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  1. DI PDF is amazing, this has now shorten the time by halve for calculative DI questions. Thank you for Sharing!?

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