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Finally, a topic which requires 360-degree knowledge of Quant section. Remember, there is a difference between Data Sufficiency and Quantitative Comparison.

quantitative comparison notes


Data Sufficiency

Data Sufficiency questions consist of a question followed by two different statements, numbered (1) and (2).

Example: Is the integer x odd?

(1) x is the product of two different prime numbers.
(2) x is divisible by 7.


Data Sufficiency is all about testing the conditions whether they are sufficient to provide a consistent solution to the problem or not.


(A) if (1) alone is sufficient to solve the problem

(B) if (2) alone is sufficient to solve the problem

(C) if both statements together are sufficient to solve the problem

(D) if each statement alone is sufficient to solve the problem

(E) if the statements together are not sufficient to fully answer the question

The answer is option E


Quantitative Comparison

The following question consists of two quantities. Compare the two quantities and choose:
A. if the quantity in Column A is greater
B. if the quantity in Column B is greater
C. if the two quantities are equal
D. if the relationship cannot be determined from the information given.



Quantity 1 –  a^2

Quantity 2 – a^3


The answer is option A – a^2 will always be a positive number

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