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4 Tips to solve Number Series questions

Number Series - Quantitative Aptitude

4 Tips to solve number series questions

Youth are attracted towards competitive exams, and especially the graduated candidates aim for a settled profession. Competitive exams are a very tough and challenging part to clear and succeed in it. However, candidates who are well-versed with basics and aware of the syllabus pattern have high chances to excel. Exams like SSC, Bank, Railways and Civil Services have aptitude and reasoning questions. Under the same section, popular ones named number series reasoning questions are included. Number series come under mathematical sections that follow a logic of arithmetic and a geometric pattern. Candidates need to predict the upcoming number incorporating the same principle. Many of you may advise practice, but no one can guide you to reach the finish line. But we commit you the same, and here we compiled effective tips to solve this section.

How to solve number reasoning questions easily?

  1. Mug up the squares and cubes of numerical

What is the answer of 93? You may need a minute of calculations to get the answer 729. While preparation taking time is not bad, but during exams, you may not get adequate time. For a single question, you have only 1-2 minutes. Number series questions will have the numerical series following the pattern of cubes or squares like:

1, 4, 9, 16, ?

8, 64, 125, 216, ?

If you are good at rote learning and willing to save time for particular questions, we suggest you mug up roots and cubes upto 40.


  1. Strong mathematical skills

Competitive exams have complex Math questions. Candidates must have strong mathematical skills to get accurate solutions. There are several study materials like Vedic Math books, online test series, previous year question papers and others to hone mathematical skills.  Candidates don’t need to learn calculus or complex maths to appear in the examination. We understand that it’s a daunting subject that every candidate hates. Studying upto tenth standard mathematics is not a tough task. Anyone can accomplish good scores in this section by having good mathematical skills.  Strong solving skills save time and help you complete examinations promptly.


  1. Check the pattern

Every question has a unique pattern. To support our statement, we have one example for you.

216, 125, 64, 27, 8

Here is the decreasing pattern of cubes of the 6, 5, 4, 3, 2. Like such questions, aspirants can expect the decreasing pattern and increasing pattern. Many students fail to crack the accurate pattern that results into the wrong solution. You must figure out the correct pattern to come up with the correct solution. The same pattern needs to be followed in the Seating Arrangement Reasoning questions where complex seating patterns puzzles many brains.


  1. Stick to basics

No need to be an Einstein or scientists to solve number series questions. You only have to follow the basic Mathematical knowledge and get the correct solution. No one will ask very technical questions in the exam. If you are good upto 10th-grade level mathematics, you can easily ace the competitive exams. Aptitude and reasoning questions are crucial where students lose their precious marks. Therefore, it is recommended to stick to basic knowledge only.


Summing up

The number series is an important part of the reasoning section. In the above post, we have shared with you an effective guide that will ace you good scores in reasoning sections. Those who have doubts in the number series questions may refer to this blog and start practising study materials from today. This blog is helpful for aspirants who are appearing for the Civil Services, Bank, SSC or the other examination. If you have found it informative, kindly share it with your fellows too.


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