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Abstract GD Guide


Hello Uotians, I hope everyone is doing well. Abstract GD Topic – What? What on earth this topic mean? Tons of questions but it’s perfectly fine. Let me help you with a complete guide on How to deal with Abstract Group Discussion Topics.


Abstract Group Discussion Topics with Answers

  1. Roses are Red, Crows are Black
  2. Black or Grey
  3. Zero
  4. Hope Wins and not Cynicism
  5. Night Owl Vs Early Bird

(We will be uploading more topics)

What is Abstract GD Topic?

Many students are hell scared of Abstract topics because they go blank as soon as an Abstract topic is given in an actual GD session.

It is found that students usually have less understanding of such topics.


According to me, an Abstract GD Topic is any topic with Uncertainty and a Huge scope of Exploration.


Example – Roses are Red, Crows are Black – If you get such a topic, the first reaction would be, “Hey, I know this fact that roses are definitely red in colour and crows are black. Now what to speak beyond this information?”


I hope you got a fair idea that in such GD sessions, you are required to think beyond what the words or sentence actually mean in Realtime. All the tactics in mind will fail if you are not able to relate your content with the given topic.

Tips and Tricks for Abstract GD Topics


1. No Rules

Is there a specific rule that should be followed in such discussions? If yes, what’s that?


There is no particular set of rules for Abstract GD Topics, you can stretch your thoughts/imagination to any level.

2. Focussed Thought ProcessĀ 

Try to keep the discussion in some particular direction because everyone will have a different perspective on the same topic. Don’t showcase yourself as a person who has tons of thoughts in all the random directions.


It’s good to have tons of thoughts but in actual GD session, you must channelize them.

3. Realtime Examples

Try to relate the Abstract topic with some realtime examples.

what is abstract group discussion

For example – If you get ‘Black’ Abstract GD Topic then realtime example can be – 1. The black colour is a good absorber of Heat Energy.

4. Right or Wrong

No one is absolutely right or wrong in the discussion because you have to imagine a different world with abstract topics.

how to crack abstract group discussion

For example – Black becomes an ambience when a candle drops its last flame.

5. Beyond the Horizon

Take the discussion to a different level where the other GD members will even think of, Be Unique.

Abstract Group Discussion Topics

For example – Everyone in the GD session knows that Black is a Color, it signifies darkness, associated with fear etc. What else can you think above this level?

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