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Matrix Arrangement Puzzles can definitely make your life miserable in the actual exam. The right approach is needed to get rid of these mind bugs. The approach includes plotting the given data in the form of a table.

matrix arrangement puzzles

Examples of Matrix-Based Puzzles


Seven students – Arav, Roma, Bhavy, Kaka, Pran, Nair and Manav were ranked one above the other. Each of these students scored a different number of marks in mathematics ranging from 10-90. The rank of these students was determined on the basis of total marks, therefore, it might be possible that the student to have fewer marks in mathematics but was ranked above the student who scored better marks than him.

Not more than four students were ranked above Arav. Two students were ranked between Arav and the student who scored 41 marks, who was ranked below Box Arav. Marks scored by Kaka were thrice the number of marks scored by Roma. Bhavy scored 50 marks and was not ranked at the top. The number of marks scored by Manav was a perfect cube of a number. Only one student was ranked between the students who scored 41 marks and 39 marks. Kaka has scored less number of marks than Arav. One of the students scored 78 marks. Five students were ranked between a student who scored 64 marks and Bhavy. Manav was ranked immediately above Pran and but scored fewer marks than Pran. Kaka was not ranked immediately above or below Roma. Three students were ranked between Kaka and Nair. Kaka was ranked above Nair.


What is the sum of the marks of Bhavy and Arav?

  1. 89
  2. 114
  3. 128
  4. 90
  5. None of these

The answer is option b. 114

The solution table is given below

Rank Student Marks scored
1 Arav 64
2 Kaka 39
3 Manav 27
4 Pran 41
5 Roma 13
6 Nair 78
7 Bhavy 50



There are seven persons Rio, Regina, Rekha, Divya, Diya, Jiya and Ritu – who teach different subjects, viz Maths, Politics, Tamil, Mechanical, Computer, French and English but not necessarily in the same order.

They teach on different days of the week starting from Monday. They like different colours, viz White, Yellow, Red, Black, Brown, Green and Pink, but not necessarily in the same order. Regina, who likes Green, teaches on the fourth day of the week but neither Maths nor English. Two persons teach between Regina and Jiya, neither of whom teaches on the 1st day of the week.

There is one person between Rio and Rekha. But Rekha does not teach either on 1st or on 3rd day of the week. Rekha likes Yellow colour and teaches Maths. The one who teaches Tamil teaches on the last day of the week and likes Red colour. Divya does not teach on the day either immediately before or immediately after the classes by Rio, who does not like either Brown or White or Black colour.

Ritu teaches immediately after Rekha and he likes White colour. Diya does not like Brown colour and teaches French. Rio does not teach either Computer or Mechanical. The one who teaches Politics takes class immediately after the day when Maths has been taught.

The solution table is given below

Day Person Colour Subject
Monday Divya Brown Mechanical/Computer
Tuesday Diya Black French
Wednesday Rio Pink English
Thursday Regina Green Mechanical/Computer
Friday Rekha Yellow Maths
Saturday Ritu White Politics
Sunday Jiya Red Tamil

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