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Top 20 Pairs of Confusing Words – Homophones

Pairs of Confusing Words – Homophones

Hello Uotians,

I hope you are doing well. Many times we come across words with similar pronunciation and get confused. A simple example to elaborate this would be ‘Board’ & ‘Bored’.

Pairs of Confusing Words - Homophones

That’s where the concept of Homophones emerges

Homophones are two or more words having the same pronunciation but different spellings and meanings.

Pairs of Confusing Words - Homophones
Pairs of Confusing Words - Homophones

Here is the list of Top 20 pairs of words that can confuse anyone at times.


Allowed – [permitted] Pets are not allowed in this motel.
Aloud – [out loud with noise.] The teacher asked me to read the story aloud.


Brake – [a device for slowing down a vehicle] the driver applied the brake.
Break – [to smash or divide into parts] Please don’t break my new dishes.


Capital – [the city where the government is located.] Paris is the capital of France. Always begin your name with a capital letter.
Capitol – [the building in Washington, D.C., in which Congress meets] the reporters waited at the Capitol to see the senator.


Fair – [just, proper under the rules, or ample] the judge made a fair decision.
Fare – [money paid to ride in a bus, taxi or other vehicles] He paid his fare when he got on the bus.


Hear- [to perceive sounds] I love to hear clarinet music.
Here – [in this place] put the groceries here on the table.


Hole – [an opening or hollow place] the squirrel ran through the hole in the fence.
Whole-[the entire amount] He ate the whole pizza by himself.


Mail- [items sent in the postal system] I received six letters today in the mail.

Male – [a boy or man] There were ten male passengers on the train.


Meat- [edible flesh from an animal] we eat meat nearly every night for dinner.
Meet – [get together] let’s meet for coffee tomorrow morning.


Principal- [most important, or the leader of a school] the principal wrote a new homework policy.
Principle- [basic truth or law] I do not agree with the principles of that religion


Steal- [to take something without permission] some children steal money from their mother’s purses.
Steel – [a strong metal made of iron and carbon] Many buildings are constructed with steel frames.


Tail – [the rear part of an animal’s body] my dog wags its tail when he’s happy.
Tale – [a story] One popular fairy tale is about a giant, a beanstalk and a boy named Jack.


To – [toward ] We drove to the theatre.
Too- [also] Jimmy likes pizza, too.
Two – [ a symbol for 1 plus 1] Susan spun a two in the board game.


Waist – [the middle of the body] The belt was too large for her small waist.
Waste – [discarded material] The factory’s waste products were dumped in the landfill


Weak – [not strong] The young boy was too weak to lift the box of books.

Week – [a seven-day period] The worker went on vacation for one week.


Who’s- [who is or who has] Who’s been drinking my soda?
Whose-[ possessive form of who ] Does anyone know whose coat is this one?


Your- [possessive form of you] It’s your turn to go first.
You’re- [you are] You’re the person I want to hire.


Scene- [the place where an event occurs] A criminal sometimes returns to the scene of the crime.
Seen-[past participle of see] I’ve never seen so many flowers


Road – [driving surface.] She had difficulty keeping her car on the slippery road.
Road- [past tense of ride] We rode the bus for thirty minutes to get across town.


Hole – [an opening or hollow place] The squirrel ran through the hole in the fence.
Whole- [the entire amount] He ate the whole pizza by himself.


Loan – [money lending or to lend something] Can you please loan me enough money for lunch?
Lone – [single, only] The truck driver was the lone customer at the all-night dinner

Pairs of Confusing Words – Homophones

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