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Cloze Test – Verbal Ability


This article will help you to understand Cloze test topic from Verbal Ability section, free practice pdf etc. A typical question from Cloze test can look like a paragraph with blank slots. You are required to fill the blanks with the appropriate answer from given options.


Example – Recently I visited Moscow, a  Russian city -(1)- many war memorials. There is a huge park in Russia -(2)- as peace park.

-(1)- can be best filled by the word ‘with’ & -(2)- by word ‘known’

4 Tips to crack Cloze Test

  1. Read the complete paragraph in one take then link the sentences
  2. Try to eliminate options to get close to the correct answer
  3. Try filling the blanks without looking at the options in order to get close to the correct answer
  4. You can follow the tone of passage to shortlist options
  5. Understand what would fit in the blank – noun, verb, adjective, conjunction, etc.
  6. The final tip is to read the complete paragraph with chosen options and check whether it makes sense or not.

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