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PowerPoint Presentations (Operations Management Notes)

Chapter 1: Operations and Productivity

Chapter 2: Operations Strategy in a Global Environment

Chapter 3: Project Management

Chapter 4: Forecasting

Chapter 5: Design of Goods and Services

Chapter 6: Managing Quality

Supplement 6: Statistical Process Control

Chapter 7: Process Strategy

Supplement 7: Capacity Planning

Chapter 8: Location Strategy

Chapter 9: Layout Strategy

Chapter 10: Human Resources and Job Design

Supplement 10: Work Measurement

Chapter 11: Supply-Chain

Supplement 11: E-Commerce and Operations Management

Chapter 12: Inventory Management

Chapter 13: Aggregate Planning

Chapter 14: MRP and ERP

Chapter 15: Short Term Scheduling

Chapter 16: JIT and Lean Production Systems

Chapter 17: Maintenance and Reliability

Module A: Decision-Making Tools

Module B: Linear Programming

Module C: Transportation Models

Module D: Waiting-Line Models

Module E: Learning Curves

Module F: Simulation

Production and Operations Management

Operations Management PDF


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