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NL Dalmia, Chetana, MET, IES, SIES – Which is best for Marketing?

I hope you all are safe and doing well. There are many students who will convert to the PGDM program and are interested in Marketing specialization. The choice can be difficult when one has to select from options like NL Dalmia, SIES, Chetana, MET & IES.


NL Dalmia is known for Finance specialization. Is it good for marketing? The answer is a big YES. Let me explain, first check the table mentioned below reflecting important numbers.

Institute PGDM Intake MMS Intake Fees(Rs. lakh) Avg Salary

(Rs. LPA)

NL Dalmia 60(Mkt) 9.3+ 5.5 to 6.5
SIES 120 126 9+
Chetana’s 270 138 7.5+ 5 to 6
MET 180 207 8+
IES 210 8+

NL Dalmia has to place only 60 students from marketing and similar logic goes for IES as the intake is 210(everyone will not take marketing specialization, the number will be 105 if half of the batch takes marketing which is a rare case)


Talking about MET, Chetana and SIES – All these institutes will have at least 100 students to place from marketing. (Considering the total number of students from MMS & PGDM opting for marketing specialization).


Let me clear one thing about marketing placements, the placement opportunities will be similar in all 5 institutes. There won’t be a huge difference in salaries and roles offered but the number of executive job roles will be more in IES, Chetana and MET as compared to SIES & NL Dalmia.


Accommodation – Hostel is not compulsory as it is not a residential program. The PG facility near NL Dalmia & SIES will be less costly as compared to MET, IES & Chetana.


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NL Dalmia is in Mira road location, SIES in Nerul so the PG system will be cheaper.


The PG system will cost more near MET, IES(Bandra west) & Chetana(Bandra east). There is a cost-effective hostel option near Chetana’s called RSM boys hostel & Shrama Sadhana Working Women’s Hostel for girls.

*Renting a good flat in Bandra east will cost at least Rs. 10,000 then add food expenses.


The final decision should be taken by considering the following factors:

  1. The total investment – colleges fees, stationery, accommodation etc.
  2. The intake – No. of students to understand the competition

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