How to crack MBA Personal Interview 2022?

How are you? I hope you are doing well. I understand that you are tensed about the MBA/PGDM admission process and nervous about the selection.

In general, a MBA/PGDM institute will have Group Discussion and Personal Interview as final rounds after considering your academics, Entrance score, Work Experience, Extra Curricular etc.

You cannot change the past record but yes, you can change what happens in GD-PI and get your Dream Institute.

Kindly check our article on Group Discussion to understand what it takes to excel in this process.


This article focuses on Personal Interview Tips.


You are future Leaders, Entrepreneurs and Achievers so it is important that you polish and scale up your skills in order to compensate for the requirement of PGDM colleges.


PGDM colleges will focus more on how you can be absorbed by the companies visiting their campuses for recruitment. In short, you should be able to sell yourself or create an attractive profile so that recruiters have no choice apart from selecting you.


Let’s focus on the two most important Personal Interview Questions.

Q.1 – Tell me about yourself? Run me through your CV or Resume? Take me through your resume.

Answer – The answer to these questions should be like a story that will generate interest in the minds of interviews.

Easy tips to answer

  1. Create a story around your Resume
  2. Articulate it properly
  3. Don’t brag but showcase


Q.2 – Why MBA/PGDM after graduation, specifically for Engineers. Why MBA/PGDM after Engineering?

Sample answers for Why MBA 

The 5 Interviewers You’ll Encounter

The Best Friend
They just want to chat. You’ll have a nice time in the interview, but you might look back and wonder if you actually talked about the job.

What to do: Just be friendly, personable, and professional. Watch for opportunities to relate the conversation to your job qualifications.


The Multitasker
Your interviewer might answer a phone during your interview, send an email, or just be scrolling on a smartphone.

What to do: Don’t be distracted by your interviewer’s lack of attention. Use a dose of humor to regain attention. If the interviewer continues to do other things, ask if there is a better time for the interview.


The Trickster

You answer the question, only to find it This interviewer might make you was a trap. This interviewer will lead you uncomfortable. Questions about into an answer, then be unhappy with it. marital status, age, citizenship, or You also might be asked silly trick religion might be asked. questions that have no right answer.”

What to do: Answer the questions honestly, and if you have no answer, say something to show personality. Just be yourself.


The Inappropriate One
This interviewer might make you uncomfortable. Questions about marital status, age, citizenship, or religion might be asked.

What to do: Personal questions like these are off illegal. Politely say “May I ask how that question relates to the duties required for this position?” This will take the interviewer back to more job-related questions.


The Statue
If you answer questions, and always get a straight face in response, you have encountered The Statue. This interviewer won’t give you any indication if the interview is going well.

What to do: You won’t get this job with personality or humor. Give strong, relevant examples in response to questions. Don’t let the interviewer shake your confidence. They’re probably testing you to see if you’ll break.


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