#MBADELAY – Here comes the Pain


Hello Uotians,

The Supreme Court has given 28th August 2019 as the date for the next hearing. It is doing the legal part, no issues about the same. But we have come up to this point because of mismanagement by CET CELL, DTE and JBIMS- whosoever is responsible.



  1. Losing out on internship opportunities from the companies that come up for recruitment of Senior batch(placements) from September month
  2. The academic timeline will be affected resulting in exam delay or fewer days given for exam preparation
  3. Induction period will be affected which is a crucial part of MBA life
  4. Institutes might try to take up lectures throughout the week to cover up the syllabus
  5. Effect on participation in different events as the whole timeline will be squeezed
  6. Problems for the students who have taken Education Loan for colleges allotted in old CAP Round 1
  7. The students who took admission in PGDM Colleges in the hope of getting a good MBA MMS College in CAP Round will suffer
  8. The ILS Black Market Effect – Institutes holding up Institute Level Seats or getting them in Management Quota


I request everyone to use Twitter to tweet the image below or whatever your reactions are with the help of hashtags like #MBADelay #CETCELL #BolaManageKaro #PayBackCETCELL #InternshipHasSailed


Tag all the Media Houses, Newspapers, Ministers etc. and keep the tag trending. Now it’s high time to give them an Equivalent Answer.


The reason for doing all this hard work is to make this matter get noticed by the News Channels. The News Channels have a great impact and the delay is not caused by the mistake of any student.


Tweet this image with #MBADelay #CETCELL

Hope that Supreme Court will give its decision on 28th August 2019 to avoid further delay. If SC gives the decision on 28th August then the process will resume in September month and no one wants to imagine the scenario if SC gives another hearing date after 28th August.


Kindly spend 5 minutes from your day to push Tweets using #MBADelay and #CETCELL


Why should students suffer at the end of Mismanagement by Admission Conducting Bodies?

Mail the following content to email addresses given below


We are 34000+ students who have diligently gone through the admission process and were hoping to secure seats in Maharashtra colleges for MBA for 2019-21 session. The process has now been delayed for 2 months which will have a severe impact on our internship opportunities and academics.
DTE Maharashtra and CET-cell are at the centre of this mess. Their incompetence and laziness have caused us great suffering. There have made a series of mistakes in the past 3 months:-

1- Started online admissions with SAAR process only to abandon it in a few weeks after their own institutions weren’t informed about the admission process.
2-Changed seat matrix of JBIMS just before the admissions to cause legal tussles in HC and now SC.
3- No proper instructions to verify documents of students seeking admissions.
4- Allowed 189+ fraudsters to register for admission using ATMA and MAT scores undermining merit for AI students
5- After repeated bashing in the media, they were extremely slow to remove the fraudsters and further delayed the process.
6-Instead of owning up to their mistakes and solving the mess they created with OHU and HU students, they have done nothing to offer a solution.

Who is responsible for the loss of 34000+ of students who now stand to lose crucial time and internship opportunities? who will pay the price for the 2-month delay? who will find jobs in an already slowing economy for these students? how long do we have to wait as we have already lost a month of our MBA first semester?

Kindly check for #MBADelay on Twitter to realize the severity of the delay

#MBAdelay #ATMAscam #MATscam #cetcell

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