MBA College Selection Guide

MBA colleges selection Guide

1. Faculty + Guest lecturers

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Faculty plays an important role in molding minds of MBA students as per Corporate structure. A MBA aspirants should check whether the particular college has highly qualified faculty coupled with Corporate Experience. Guest lectures across different industries do visit MBA colleges for lectures and events. Don’t forget to check the list

2. Placement

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Definitely this is the highest priority for most of the MBA students. Average salary figure is deviating number. Median salary gives better idea about placements. The list of colleges mentioned on this website has average package from 3 lakhs to 17 lakhs. Most of the MBA colleges don’t show their median salary figure because that can be less than average salary figure. So don’t forget to call up a MBA colleges and get desired details

3. Internship opportunity

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Internships are the most critical part of the 2 yrs MBA program. It is very essential as students compulsorily have to bag a summer internship of minimum 2 months after their first year . Those 2 months are of pretty significance because they pave the way for final placements. The Institute which provides good internship opportunities with good brands visiting the campus for Summer as well as Winter/Off-Summer Internship should be prioritized. The more the number of internships, the better is the exposure. So always check the internship opportunity provided by institutes and how flexible and supportive they’re.


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Culture is basically the environment the Institute carries. A good culture would consists of  the attitude of teaching and non teaching staff, cultural fests , business events , the teaching method ( whether through practical examples/actual case studies or bookish knowledge) and various seminars which are of great help and use. This culture would help to mold a student externally and internally as well. So focus on the culture as it would help in overall development.

5. Alumni network

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Alumni are the best industry guides as they themselves have experienced the jobs. So if the alumni network of the institute is quite strong, the students get a better exposure and knowledge about the current happenings in the industry. All the alumni should be spread across various sectors so that it’s more helpful for students to know and understand about their preferable sector.

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