• Carbon Footprint

    Carbon Footprint INTRODUCTION What is Carbon Footprint? Over the past few years, global warming has become a major issue as…

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  • Epidemic Vs Pandemic

    EPIDEMIC Vs PANDEMIC INTRODUCTION After months of referring to the coronavirus outbreak as an epidemic, the World Health Organization has…

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    Plastic Pollution

    PLASTIC POLLUTION GD Topic INTRODUCTION You all might already be aware of plastic pollution. But just knowing about is not…

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  • Is India Ready for Electric Vehicles?

    IS INDIA READY FOR ELECTRIC VEHICLES INTRODUCTION ‘Death by Breath’ was an Indian Express initiative covering the air pollution in…

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  • Biomedical Waste Crisis

    BIOMEDICAL WASTE CRISIS GD TOPIC INTRODUCTION What is Biomedical Waste? Biomedical waste can be defined as a type of waste…

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  • Windows Vs Ubuntu – Which is the Best OS?

    Windows Vs Ubuntu INTRODUCTION Having resources is great! but does those resources make any sense if they don’t deliver optimum…

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