ATMA SCAM 2019 – What’s the Story?


After the CMAT 2018 Scam, now I think that higher authorities are taking students for granted. ATMA is one of the Management Entrance Exams that is a gateway to many MBA institutes across India.


Steps taken – Recent Updates

The CET CELL has recognized the students with fake scorecards. The MBA/MMS institutes are becoming aware of this Scam and expected outcome is Cancellation of Admissions of all such students.

ATMA Scam 2019
Step by KJ Somaiya – Read the last point about the issue


Update 20th July 2019


Today me and 2 other guys met the chairman, admissions, DTE (Mr.Mahajan).
When we informed them about the scam and asked them what they are doing about it, they quickly went on the defensive and told us that they are doing everything they can.


They had a list of all ATMA scores cross-checked by their staff where they cross-checked them with ATMA merit list and their individual scores. They also are in process in to obtain MAT scores for last 1 year by Monday to cross-checked all the MAT scores too.


They are even checking all CMAT scores.
They have clearly told me they would take legal action against all fake scores and make sure they are unable to take admission anywhere. The complete due diligence would be done before CAP-2 and all the fake scores in ATMA/MAT will be caught.


The investigating officer showed us scorecard of one of the fraudsters who had a 99.99. It was incredibly easy to identify fake scores because the morons who forged their scores didn’t even bother to change the font of the alterations made in the text, so they were clearly visible. Plus they thought nobody would notice it if they remove authentication key.


We met SIMSREE admissions officer after this and saw the list of fraudsters who were stupid enough to attempt to take admission into their college. They said they have already cross-verified their scores with their roll numbers and found them to be fake.Rank-23 in AI MERIT LIST was stupid enough to take admission into SIMSREE and will now deserve what’s coming for him.
KJ, Welingkar, Dalmia, SIES, PUMBA etc. have clear instructions from CET CELL. The chairman showed me the mail sent to every college.


I have full confidence these fraudsters will be destroyed and arrested if they are stupid enough to make an attempt to get admission.
KJ has already warned all the 5 Fake AI students indirectly and prepared to take legal action if they approach them for admission.
Now it would be fun to see how stupid these fraudsters really are.

Information by S. Kapoor

What’s the Actual Matter?

If a student wants admission to Maharashtra MBA Colleges then ATMA is one score accepted through All India Quota.


CET CELL(conducting body) released All India Merit number and many students were found with 99.99%ile in ATMA exam. The ATMA result declared on the official website reflects that the maximum possible score was 99.99%ile. In such a case, how did the 99.99%ilers came up in the All India Merit List?


Further, it was seen that students who didn’t give ATMA exam or have less percentile were found in All India Merit number with 99.9x%ile score.

Fake Scorecards

How did such students manage to produce fake ATMA scorecards?

8 students with 99.99%ile and 16 students with 99.98%ile are fake and the number goes on increasing.




How did such students with fake scorecards even date to turn up for the Process?

Verify things yourself

*Link to All India Merit numbers

*Link to ATMA Result PDF

Detailed Issue

I want to bring this to your attention that there is a huge fraud going on in MAH CET-MMS 2019 admission process. A lot of students have registered for AI seats in Maharashtra colleges using fake ATMA/MAT SCORES for 2019.

ATMA/MAT are 2 of the multiple exams accepted for ALL INDIA seats in Maharashtra Management courses.

The fraudsters submitted fake scorecards at the time of document verification and took advantage of the fact the process was done without any scrutiny to check if the scores were genuine.

After the release of the merit list for the first time, it was surprisingly to see so many students scoring high percentiles when infact those weren’t possible.

For instance, 8 students have 99.99 in ATMA, 16 are at 99.98 when only 5-6k students take the exam every time.
After finding these suspect scores, we decided to approach the ATMA exam managed by AIMS.

When they were informed about these scores, they were shell-shocked and agreed to look into our complaint.
After investigating the matter, they found that scores were clearly fake.ATMA officials decided to lodge a complaint to DTE and released their merit list for last 4 exams conducted by them.

The merit list conclusively proves that most of the ATMA scores are fake
49/57 in top-204 of AI MERIT list are fake with 39/49 getting allotment of top colleges. This doesn’t stop here and around 84 students have forged scorecards till rank 380 and much more beyond that.
After this, we informed & mailed CET CELL who looks after the admission process under DTE(directorate of technical education), top colleges in Mumbai, ARA(admissions regulating authority), DTE director and Maharashtra education minister.


As of today, we haven’t received any response from any one of them. No steps have been taken by ARC centre and the colleges to catch these fraudsters. We tweeted about this. Some of us even personally informed college directors but received no response from them.


All the these have either decided to ignore our requests even after receiving conclusive proof from ATMA itself or they are aware of it and hiding something.


We request who are reading this to look at how this scam is openly going on and nothing is being done about it. The culprits should be caught and FIR should be filed by DTE and CET CELL.


But they are deep in their slumber, ignoring the request of students while the students with fake scores are successfully completing the process to get admission into top colleges.
This need to be stopped. Government and colleges should be accountable to students and correct this as soon as possible.


Don’t let the merit die.


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